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Transmit specialises in creating beautiful video content for multiple platforms — we are expert video-storytellers and creative content generators.  From a studio on Wellington’s South Coast, Transmit works with businesses, large and small, to craft quality, distinctively New Zealand content for our clients. There’s an art in what we do. A background in journalism and filmmaking brings an intuitive and innovative approach to all our projects. Transmit is a creative force whose work sets its clients apart.


Transmit X NZ Story Creative Collective

Transmit is pleased to be collaborating with two NZ export business to capture and craft their story on for video content. Undercover for now. This follows selection for newly launched NZ Story Creative Collective, enabling NZ businesses to engage global audiences. Co-funding is available for this video venture as co-investment payment from NZ Story of up to half the cost of video production. Select Transmit in alliance with Cine Timore at  NZ Story Creative Collective.


On The Draw
Under the radar Transmit is currently directing and producing Luck of the Draw an interactive project engaging emerging creatives for client WW100 (Ministry of Culture & Heritage). All will be revealed later in the year.
Meantime Transmit continues to work behind the scenes with Fat Freddy’s Drop, joining the dots with a worldwide audience on the band’s social media platforms, creating and managing content and in media role.


WW1 Remembered Light & Sound Show, Wellington 

Hypnotic pocket doco by house of Transmit & Cine Timore alliance capturing WW1 Remembered Light and Sound show 2016.
Transmit Directed & Creative Produced the epic light and sound show projected at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park for ANZAC commemorations. The requiem for war featured original art by Ngataiharuru Taepa, Michel Tuffery and Brett Killington with historic images from likes of Alexandra Turnbull Library and Te Papa. Design by Helen Milner. Animation by Ahmad Habash and National Park. Custom sound design by Rhombus Productions with Lisa Tomlins on vocals. Presented by Wellington City Council, with support from WW100.
The project followed on from a light and sound show in 2015 also Directed and Creative Produced by Transmit, weaving  artwork by Ngataiharuru Taepa and Michel Tuffery with sound design by Kuki aka Iain Gordon and archival still and moving image. Projected on the Carillon bell tower and Dominion Museum building for eight nights to over 40,000 people.
The work was commissioned and presented by Wellington City Council. Transmit made it happen with GAS design, Storybox motion graphics/mapping & Spyglass projections.


Sampler Reel // View more video content Transmit on Vimeo

Step out of the rush with a sweet sampler of project and video high life, featuring WW1 Remembered light and sound shows 2016 & 2015, WMO Jamaica 2016, Capturing Nature and Land & Legacy for Craggy Range 2012, Le Cordon Bleu NZ 2013, Trinity Roots Music Is Choice 2010 and Fat Freddy’s Drop Based On A True Story 2006.


TransmitWorld Pop Up TV, transmitting a wanderlust of culture & goodness worldwide from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Random, live stream & on demand.

Live stream is a growing opportunity to directly connect with audiences online. Transmit has the capability and experience to help you deliver live stream projects.
We’ve been playing in live stream realm with likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop and quietly developing independent live stream platform TransmitWorld TV. The highlight on the TransmitWorld TV dance card was directing and transmitting TWTV Munki Mash Live Stream. The live to air house party jam featured DJ Benny, Nushka, Peyton, Jhan Lindsay, Kirsten Te Rito, Mr Sterile Assembly, Fur Patrol, Jules Desmond, Rhombus, Barry Saunders, Orchestra of Spheres, Grayson Gilmour and Trinity Roots. The party was held in a music studio and former SIS headquarters, a final farewell for a building and musical legacy now demolished.

View TransmitWorld TV

Taking a tiki tour into Cyber Land, Typing coded messages, signals to send messages to rearrange and comprehend. Transmit’s The Word, Pass It On. The End.

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